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The success of a company depends on a busy cooperative team. About 12 years
after teleshopping has been introduced in Germany this principle lasts
more than ever because there is no other medium reaching so many people and
generating an extreme sale. Producers more and more prefer this way of
presenting their articles directly and in detail to potential customers. A
teleshopping show more or less is a gratis TV promotion: The product in
question is recommended and explained in a several minutes spot. The success
of the product and, of course, presentation as well can be expressed in
figures immediately. It is very important to have a promising product
presented by a competent seller giving advice to prospective buyers and
answering questions during the live show, if necessary. That's why our main
activity includes the deliberation of companies having in view product
marketing via TELESHOPPING. We want you to profit by our many years
of experience leaving you the individual decision what kind of assistance
you prefer.


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