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  • Teleshopping

  • Coaching / Intensive training

  • Contract negotiations

  • Complete sale strategies

  • Consulting (preparation of show conceptions, development of sale strategies, product optimization)

  • References of sale experts

  • Camera training

Teleshopping introduction

From many years of experience on the German and international TELESHOPPING
market we are highly versed in the rules and specialities there. Due to our
knowledge we are able to discuss with you in detail chances and risks that
may be expected - from the intensive product analysis up to the final sale
of your articles.

Coaching / Intensive training

On closer inspection TELESHOPPING differs from other systems by: user
group, assortment of goods and, of course, presentation. Beginners might
have problems to survey this huge field. After having made an intensive
analysis we present your product on the best possible place giving you
advice how to proceed in future in order to be more successful than your
competitors. For example: Experienced decorators will show you how to use
best possibly the studio for your presentation to give your product optimal
sale chances. Stylists offer their experience in respect of the seller's
outfit. Due to the very close cooperation we are able to join the selling
process at any time thus reacting to difficulties, if necessary.

Contract negotiations

Beginners often have problems to understand the lot of formalities necessary
for a product to join the assortment of a TELESHOPPING station. Together
with you we check, step by step, the most essential paragraphs of the
contract and help you to get best possible conditions. Contract negotiations
can completely be managed by us, if you want.


The TELESHOPPING branch requires an excellent marketing strategy and a sure
eye to watch the competitors, your strongest rival. After a comprehensive
conversation with you we elaborate an individual show concept for your
product which will also in the long run enable you to secure maximum sales for your

  •  Assistance in product selection / product optimization

  •  Assistance in selecting sales channels

  • First contacts with television station, if wanted

  •  Advice for studio requisite

  • Elaboration of sales arguments

  • Extensive feedback after presentations

  • Planning of additional sales channels  (Internet shop, Newsletter, etc.)

References of sales experts

GAUMANN-Media Expert Team includes 17 sellers as well as an additional pool
of free-lance presenters. So you may be sure that, at any time, a qualified
sales expert will be available to show your product up to the best
advantage. If necessary for your presentation we can also engage mutes or models.

Camera training

"Focus on you - 30 seconds left" - now at the latest most people
without experience IN FRONT OF the camera get nervous. Many thoughts flash
through their mind, they feel their stomach and have more or less forgotten
what to say during the presentation. But don't worry - most beginners feel
the same way. However, it's only a question of training. We organize with
you authentic sales situations - moderator included if you want - and train
your rhetoric so that you are well prepared for potential questions and
complications that might come during the REAL live presentation. The
training will help you very soon to become more experienced with the camera
which will be an advantage to the presentation and last not least to your

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